Flashback Inspiration

Hello everyone. I re-read this today and it inspired me. From October 2012.

Message from Jubal* through Elizabeth Sadhu

3 October 2012

Dear Ones–you ask about the right side of your body and the right side of your brain, well as we see it, this is related to serving the world. A couple of things: ” I am letting the world down if I take care of myself”; “I have to do it all”; “OBLIGATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITY”; “I must save everyone, no one else can do it!”

In this case, the right side of your body is in service to the world, and as Lightworkers you have been working and working and working this side to the exclusion of yourself! Aha dearest ones, it is now time to switch over and use that left side a little more, in fact a lot more. Yes, seeking balance, but at first to find balance you will need to really, really go for it and treat yourself extremely well, not that you will ever stop treating yourself well after this period. BUT we say this with emphasis because RIGHT NOW it will feel EXTREME to you all! Because you are NOT used to treating yourself EXTREMELY well. It will feel foreign, it will feel selfish, it will feel wrong….all those things!

Think to yourself, “what do I really, really want to do right now?”

We love and admire and THANK you for all that you have given over these last many, many years and we want you now to think of YOURSELF! I am shouting a bit in this message, as you can see by the capital letters, but it is necessary BECAUSE you may not hear it otherwise. It is very necessary right now to nurture, feed, adore, love, soothe, (and all those great words) and treat yourself beautifully and wonderfully. ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!!! This is the part of your journey that may feel the most difficult on some level for many of you.

Remember that who you are NOW is the answer to everything and that you are the ones we have been waiting for BUT you will not be able to continue unless you DO this amazingly simple thing and we want you to WORSHIP yourself! WE say amazingly simple, but we know it is difficult. Do what you need to do to get this. Imagine that you are your own child, imagine that you are your own best friend, imagine that you are your own spouse, imagine that you are your own beloved. WHATEVER WORKS for you! How do you treat others? YES! We want you to treat YOURSELF even BETTER!!!!!!!

A suggestion that has proved to be helpful to Elizabeth. Ask your Beings-Beans-Guides-Inner Voice-God-Source Energy-Universe-Archangels-Spirits questions. “Is it in my highest and best to eat broccoli or ice-cream right now?” “Is it in my highest and best to ride my bicycle or drive?” “What will make me happiest right this second” AND see what they say. LISTEN. You get the picture.

Perhaps some of you want to know more and have more discussion and information about the right side, we understand this. But letting go is the first order of business. Wanting to know more comes from your sweet thinking minds, we are looking at and talking to your heart. muah muah muah! Less evaluation and trying to understand and MORE letting go. Less analysis and more loving yourself BIG BIG BIG!!!!

We know you get the picture and know that as dear AA Raphael says (and we laugh), operators are standing by and are happy to take your call!!

*PS. We realize that there may be some confusion about the use of the word “we”. We are known as Jubal, and also the collective energy of the many lifetimes of Jesus-Jeshua.


2 thoughts on “Flashback Inspiration

  1. Isn’t it amazing that this post was channeled nearly a decade ago and we’re still having to remember to love ourselves as much as we love others? But at the same time, how wonderful that this message is a reminder instead of a new concept!!! YES!!! Love Brenda

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