Chaos. Tearing Down and Building UP.

WE love you dearly, all you fabulous humans, all you humans who think you KNOW what is happening by appearances alone. Nope! That is not what is happening. The appearances are VERY DECEIVING. That is complete and utter 3D stuff and you can safely ignore or avoid or stuff somewhere…..perhaps dig a hole for it to abide?

Darlings, what you see is 3D. What you don’t see is that the multi-verse is working full time on this human issue. And things OFTEN appear to be WRONG WRONG WRONG. It is ALL GOOD. All is in place to move into a new world, a new earth. This is appearing as Armageddon and that is PERFECT because what it does is it forces humans to either make it or break it……many may be leaving. And that is okay. That is the soul’s choice. And it would be their time. And there is never separation.

The world looks completely and utterly chaotic and wrong. It looks like things can never shift or never change or never be how they could be. Humans, sorry, just don’t have the vision for what it COULD become. Please let that rest. Focus on doing the joy things (and for each human it is different.) That is how you build a new earth. Let the world do what it needs to do. It is blowing up. Humans are rising up. Humans are speaking up. Humans are dying. Humans are evolving. But this all takes time.

If any of you are triggered by anything you see, that is NOT BEING IN YOUR JOY PLACE. So, just cut it out. BE in your JOY PLACE. Don’t watch or listen or read the news if it takes you from your joy place. Imagine that the whole thing is one crazy ass reality TV show that is put on and made up and exaggerated.

And you are still living as humans so you still need to wash your hands and listen to your inner guidance about what to do to be safe. Be safe and have fun as we have always said.

Please KNOW that things are shifting. Things must explode, must be destroyed, must be demolished before they can be re-created, before they are re-grown, re-built. KNOW this and hold onto this. See it as a HUGE fixer-upper. The beams and support structure need replacing and reinforcing. The walls need to come down. A lot of stuff needs to be moved and shifted and re-built and re-created. All is well and if we don’t have the vision of it right now, then so be it. Trust. Faith. BE in your JOY.



Love The Beans, Elizabeth and the Whole Gang.

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