Message from my soul


Dearest humans–

This is a time of HUGE change and challenge. How do you want to meet this? Do you want to shake your fist at God (and the president) and ask what is the purpose? Or do you want to gracefully and gratefully listen to your own pure inner guidance? We know this will not be a popular stance. And we recognize that there are many who feel that all humans must DO something. Ponder the idea that if EACH human did what they felt called to do from JOY, then all humans will be on the same page. And this will be different for each human.

And if each human does what they feel called to do from JOY, then this will lead, inexorably, to a JOY epidemic.

Consider that this time of pandemic is a time of huge change. And that perhaps huge change is needed. More kindness. More thoughtful contemplation. More joy in the little things. More communication through other channels. More silence. Affection given without touching requires creativity which will incite more creativity in all other aspects of life. More reliance on self. A self that is stronger than you know.

Openness and maybe even some excitement around what is happening, what changes might occur. Humans want control. Control is now being wrested from them because the humans don’t know what is really needed. Humans have a limited capacity. Hearken back to a time where a change occurred that appeared catastrophic and ended up being revelatory and valedictory. None of us know what will happen. Changes occur swiftly and often. Hold onto your faith that this is all in perfect divine timing. And we know it is not easy. Keep breathing.

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