Humanity’s Awakening with the Corona Virus

I love how Lightworkers often get similar messages without aid of ever seeing or talking to each other.

I’ve been getting similar messages about the shifting DNA.
I was just telling my son yesterday that this is an Armageddonish type event to shift humanity. And that there may be many who will leave this dimension as their soul calls them.

Beautiful message. I will be sharing. Thank you, Sharon Lyn!

much love to us all,

Divine Musings

Art by Annelie Solis

Last night during dreamtime I was shown the template of the corona virus and all its machinations. As a prior medical student, I was intrigued by what I saw. After observing its composition and how it operates, I’m not surprised it has the scientific community baffled and they are unable to create a vaccine. And if anyone claims they have, it will only be a temporary one because the virus continues to morph at an unprecedented rate. This virus has already morphed several times in response to humanity’s collective consciousness and how humans are responding to it. There have already been a series of upgrades to the human DNA. This is the intel of the recently downloaded codes some people have been consciously experiencing lately. The end result will be a whole new species of human beings.

In the bigger picture, this wave of Awakening was/is a human collective decision…

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