Dearest Beans….yes, that is all of you!

This has been percolating for a few days. As I sit in isolation I get to do something that I love to do, which is ponder. In fact, I’ve been wallowing in ponder.  Information and messages come to me and at times I feel the call to share.

These are interesting times for us all.  And tough times for many. My beloved children are faced with laying off employees and also having hours cut. But my gut tells me that they will be okay. AND not only that, but my gut tells me that they will like the new way so much that they will figure out how to continue it with their work. I think this will happen all over. More humans will realize how much they needed this time of quiet. They will realize that they needed more time with their kids, okay, maybe not 24/7 but more time. Humans will realize the sheer joy of quiet and not filling every hour, every minute with something.

I have been sick for a little more than six weeks. It is not COVID19.  I’ve been in training for social distancing. My beloved husband has also been sick and we have been alone in this house and are falling more in love than ever. We are not together every second but we know the other is there. We haven’t been talking a lot because it leads to coughing. But we have been here and have really embraced this time. We are lucky because we have been living a simple life already. We are retired and we don’t travel. We have felt peaceful and filled with love and joy.

I am almost completely well but anytime I start to do too much or talk too much, I start coughing and then don’t feel well. So, what is that message? Stop. BE. Quiet. And so today it came to me. I have completely released all my past. It is not me anymore. I NEED this time to integrate the new, the new DNA shift. AND then I realized that I am inteGREATing. It is time.

We are each on our own individual path AND we are together. This pandemic has created a TOGETHERNESS that is beautiful and sublime. Yes, there will be huge changes. And yes, many will choose to leave this dimension. And yes, a lot of fear is running people. But if you can, take a moment to lean into the quiet. What is it telling YOU?

E in med

8 thoughts on “InteGREATing

  1. Elizabeth, I just hopped over from Maria’s blog to read this post. It is lovely, and your photo is elegant & stunning.


    1. You are sweet to check in. I’m glad you liked it. We are all together in this and it is so comforting to have such lovely kindreds gather at Maria’s house, so to speak. She is such a joy to me. To so many!! And how fun that we have all found each other.

      Much love, E

      PS. Thanks for your kind comment about my photo. I took it myself. I really liked my hair.


  2. Thank you sweet beaYOUful soul for sharing this lovely message….I’m leaning into the quiet, very much needed today.

    Much much love! 🤗❤️


    1. Thanks for writing, sweet friend! I’m so happy it resonated. Much love right back at you! 🙂♥️🙂♥️🙂♥️ 🐬🐬🐬 With a little dolphinny wiggle of joy….


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