LOVE System Integration

Message For NOW


Hello there cutie pies–

Can you feel the shifting of the love energy? In your human form you feel heavy heavy heavy and exhausted. It doesn’t take much to exhaust you. One small thing and you must rest and rest. AND this is hard to do. Your mind thinks, what the hell? I hardly did anything. Why am I so tired?

What is happening is the integration, DEEP AND PURE integration of the love system. It is a new love system. A new way of BEING. Take it in. This is one of the huger shifts. So, it takes a tremendous amount of physical energy. Your 3D body feels quite challenged by this. Let it be OKAY. Rest, beloveds, rest. Eat what you wish to eat. Do what you wish to do. Get out in nature a little bit. Feel the love and light flowing into you in HUGE QUANTITIES.

The new LOVE system is unlike anything ever seen before. Or felt before. New and improved and amazingly DEEP new love system. Let it in. Breathe it in. Allow it to wash over you. Allow it to penetrate your very pores and all your atoms and molecules. It’s okay to weep the happy and bounteous tears of joy!

That is all for today. WE love you!


8 thoughts on “LOVE System Integration

  1. Yeah ES, spot on there for me too..
    Of recent times, my sleep patterns have changed,
    more of a late night/early morning “Owl”, and getting up past noon.
    Felt the pressure in my head.. But I knew there’s lots of stuff going on in there,
    our body as well.
    And to just go with the flow of our Love Energy 💞💞


    1. Dear IS-
      Thanks for writing. So happy to hear this resonates with you.
      I’ve been sleeping really well. Slightly unusual for me. But blissful.
      And absolutely yes, going with the flow. The Flow of Love Energy! Woooohoooo!
      I’d get up and dance, but no energy. Ha! ♥️
      Much love, ES ♥️♥️


  2. Thank you dear Elizabeth! You are always right on with what is going on! Sorry that I didn’t see this before, but I can really relate! I’m still feeling the effects of all this integration but also lots of times of Joy and bliss and excitement Before another wave hits!😊🤗😊
    You are a true treasure🌈🦋🌈
    Lots of love And hugs,

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