Letting Go

Blog 8-14-18

My Life as a Sadhu

Letting Go

I just had a birthday. 61!! 61!!!! How did that happen? AND today I feel exhausted. It was a super busy and crazy and fun day but it wore me out! What is up with that? And before anyone thinks or says, well you are getting old…..think again…..I am not. I think today is one of my granny days (see other blog post)…..mellow mellow mellow. AND that is ok. It is perfect. And I can do it. I can do whatever I want. But I do know that I think I did some things yesterday because of others’ expectations. Hmmmmmm……thus the exhaustion. Interesting…….Wow, when will I let go of that? I know it is much better for me than it used to be, but how interesting that on MY DAY…….I don’t seem to be able to do just what I want. I am not whining here……this is just my realization. My issue. My problem. All good. All healing. Taking a deep breath and asking for the download. 🙂

The Beans:

Ahhhhh dearest E, yes, that is one great realization to have. You chose to do things to please others, not to completely please yourself. That is not bad. That is not good. It just is. You are learning to take care of you. You have graduated and with honors as we compare the old you with the now you. AND right now you are working on your PhD for self care. AND that is one intense process…..You are in the midst of writing your dissertation and it is called, “My Life as a Sadhu”. That is one of the reasons you feel called to blog right now. AND we are with you every step of the way. This is a long fought letting go process for you. Your children are launched, your parents are launched…..now let others launch. You know who we are talking about. IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO TAKE CARE OF ANYONE, ANYMORE! We apologize for the yelling but YOU KNOW it is needed. You have been such a lovely caretaker and fabulous mother and daughter…….the whole world thanks you. Your children are amazing and miraculous and wonderful beings……..and your parents are what they are. There is nothing more for you to do in those areas. And obviously your relationship with your children is a most wondrous and supportive and loving one. Joy joy joy joy joy! You three are super blessed to have that and we must say that this is almost entirely to do WITH YOU!

Yes, remembering to breathe (E just took a deep breath), is important and integral to your thriving survival and radiance and sanity. Asking for the downloads is a great idea, also. The M and M’s are here! We are here to support you and love you ALWAYS……..WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU! And please know that the archangels are also here for you. And you can invoke specific ones of us, as you feel called.

This is a message for all y’all……..We love you! If the message doesn’t make sense to you it is not for you. Love, The Beans, including the M&M


This is a photo I took of a place up the Columbia Gorge. Fairy Circle. Place of Peace.


Let Go!

Oh yes oh yes! #loveandjoyrevolution

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

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Summary of Brenda’s August 10, 2018, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:  So many awakened the past few weeks that your role has become radiating joy as you walk through your creation door. Knowing your life is of freedom and ease will encourage you to become more childlike.

“Should You Go or Should You Stay?” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Many of you are questioning the validity of our assertion a few days ago that you merely need to walk through the door when you are ready, and you will be in joy. Such is so for your life has not yet expressed itself in sparkling joy. In truth, your life may feel cumbersome, even painful.

Let go.

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How Old Am I Really?

Blog 8-12-18

My Life as a Sadhu

How Old Am I Really?

Dearest humans—I don’t think I have been feeling agitated over the last few weeks with all the eclipses, etc. Perhaps a little but it moves swiftly away as I stay in my joy. Tomorrow is my 61st birthday which just sounds surreal. I am certainly NOT that old……at least in thought and body and feeling……I know the numbers are accurate as I was born on 8-13-1957 at 9:15 am Pacific time. This is true. I have seen the birth certificate. Ha! What is real? Do we buy into the numbers or do we go with the feeling of our deepest and highest selves? I say, Door Number Two! Yes, I am going with my amazing YOUNG feeling, Joy Filled self. That is my REAL self, my inner self, my soul. Don’t get me wrong, I have some sublime wisdom of all those years……I have done a lot of healing work over those years. AND, in some ways I am a completely different person than I was at age 18 or 25 or 33. AND I am sublimely grateful. I am wallowing in gratitude. YAY! Let’s see what The Beans have to say:

The Beans:

You are no number. Or numbers. You are infinite and timeless. You are ancient and you are young. Some days you are an old lady and some days you are a young whippersnapper. AND it is all perfect. It is all good. It does not matter. You are living your life in each moment by moment, because that is the way of New Earth……whatever dimension you like. 5D, 6D, 7D…….yes yes yes. So, some days you may want to be like a little granny and just sit and read, sew or knit or watch a movie. Some days you want to go out in the world and ride your bike, dance a lot, talk to people and eat yummy food. It is all perfect. There are no shoulds. There are no expectations from the angelic world, there may be some from the people around you, but you must GO YOUR WAY, TAKE YOUR PATH! We needed to shout that a bit so you would take it in. Don’t ever let others dictate to you what you must do.

Wallow in your beauty and wisdom. Wallow in your timelessness. Wallow in your love of life. Wallow in your strong body and great humor. Wallow in your loving relationships with those humans who get who you are. Wallow in your fabulous life and your loving spouse. #wallowingingratitude. Hee hee. We can use hashtags, too.

This message may be geared towards the Sadhu, aka Elizabeth, but it will be pertinent to those who get it. To those who need to read it.

So much love coming your way and we are shaking our pom poms with purple and teal and silver sparkles.


Blog 8-8-18

My Life as a Sadhu


Hello everyone—I have been thinking and thinking about this one. What do I owe to my family? What do I owe to my friends? What do I owe to myself? It has been quite hard to figure this out. I have been an ultra responsible person my whole life. I basically raised myself, with not very present parents, who were into drugs and alcohol my whole growing up years. I know it is all good because I learned a lot of things and it made me a strong person. I am a good person. But where does my loyalty lie? Is it with me and putting me first? Or do I put all others first? I know the answer now but this has been a challenge for me and very guilt inducing…….

The Beans

Dearest……we know that you know this now but KNOW it to the depths of your soul that you MUST put yourself FIRST. There is no other way. It is the old “put the oxygen mask on yourself first…”. And you are done with taking care of others in that way. Your beautiful children are grown and capable and wonderful beings. Your mother and father are fine. You don’t need to take care of them in any way, unless you REALLY REALLY want to. You don’t even need to take care of your dearest hubby, except what you really really want to do. He is very capable and encourages you most beautifully to take care of you.

We are speaking directly to Sadhu, but we recognize that this will elicit a response in many of you. This is a hard one. Letting go of feeling responsible and letting go of taking care is HUGE. Imagine that you have huge scissors to cut those cords. Imagine whatever you need to imagine to let go of that feeling of responsibility……the obligations. The touchstone is, “if it brings you joy, go for it!” JOY is the key factor here. Take a moment to feel it in your body, if you are not sure. Let go of shoulds, obligations, responsibilities. IT IS TIME!

When we say to put yourself first, we don’t mean this in a narcissistic way. This is about self care. This is about knowing that you are important and must take care of you to be healthy and happy and live a beautiful, joyful and fulfilled life.

We love you humans dearly!

Should You Go or Should You Stay?

Letting go of those folks…… Thanks for the affirming message, dearest Brenda!

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

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Summary of Brenda’s August 3, 2018, channeled 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:    For many, the outer chaos is becoming more illogical. You feel like parents watching two children fight over one sand pail despite another available pail. Some of you will continue to focus on outer energies for you’re discovering new ways to create a more equal and harmonious world. Others of you have little interest. You will know your objective by your interests which are more focused daily. 

“Flitting Between Relationships” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

We wish to address your fear that all is not well in your life. That what you experienced the past few days will be forever.

Even though such might be true for those who do…

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Cloud Council

Blog 8-5-18
My Life as a Sadhu
Cloud Council
Hello beautiful ones…..perfect ones……I have been off camping for a few days and at some point in that lovely time it occurred to me to share the download I received a couple of years ago. I call it the Cloud Council. I have found that it enhances my life tremendously. It is such a problem solving tool. AND an uplifting tool. A perfect mindfulness practice.
Imagine that you are in a lovely cloud with either just your highest self or with someone’s highest self that you may be having an issue with. I often put myself and my beloved hubby there to work out issues. WE don’t have a lot of issues but this is a beautiful way to clear and smooth the way towards peace. Always ask for the highest energy (money, communication, etc) and the highest selves to be present.
Whatever comes to your mind’s eye. You are the captain of your Cloud Council. Use those images and ask the Beings who you want to join you. I see myself facing my honey, holding both hands. Sometimes we are looking at each other, sometimes not. I ask any Beings to come and support us. For me this is pretty much always AA Michael and my dear passed mentor/friend, Michael J. Lincoln. They are together and call themselves the M&Ms to me. 🙂 I ask for clarity, for guidance, for success…..etc. If you are having money issues or questions, I suggest that asking the highest energy of money to sit with you there will be most beneficial. When I work with clients, sometimes it comes up to ask the highest energy of their attorney, or a business partner to join. It is NOT about talking it out, it is about sitting with the energy, asking for help, and breathing. Not about solving……trusting that it will be solved in perfect divine timing and energy. As humans we are limited in our possibility thinking so if we can leave it all open to Divine energy, then a resolution will come and it will be more beautiful that imagined. (I had this happen just yesterday. <3)
The Beans:
Dearest Perfect Beings…….yes YOU!
WE highly recommend this practice of the Cloud Council. It uplifts the issue. Use it for the smallest or largest of situations…..communication, money, loving yourself, being healthy, cultivating joy and happy, needing a new job or shifting the energy at the current one. We suggest any and all. Whatever comes to your mind that needs lifting up. And don’t feel that you need to work at it. Just bring your highest self. Other human’s highest selves. As applicable. Any Beings that come to mind (they are already only bringing their highest selves.) We recognize that asking for your highest self as a human does not indicate that you are less or imperfect. Asking your highest self to attend and be present is just a reminder that you don’t need to work this out at a human level. We are knowing that on a human level this has been tried and tried…..endless discussion and not often understanding, right? IN fact, trying to work on it only holds it back. This is a perfect mindful practice, eh? So, that is the reason to ask for all highest selves, highest energy to be present. Nothing else to do. Just BE. Elizabeth always sees it up high and in a cloud, sometimes at a table, often holding hands…….Whatever image works for you. It is all good. Try it and see what happens. WE would be delighted to hear back from you all.
Much love, so much love for all you perfect (ALL OF YOU) humans.

Still, Small Voice


My Life as a Sadhu

One of the ways I think of my life as a sadhu is that I listen and follow that still, small voice within. Some call it God, Goddess, Universe, Source Energy, Inner Voice. It doesn’t matter to me what it is called. I just KNOW it is there and it is a HUGE comfort to me. I have cultivated that still small voice for pretty much my whole life. I have cultivated it and not always listened. But over the years I have learned to listen to it and follow it; and I usually get confirmation for listening. It is often a huge leap of faith, though. But one thing I have learned is that the more I listen, the more I trust, the more confirmation I get.

The Beans:

Dearest humans—at times to listen to that still, small voice, must feel like you are jumping off a huge cliff. We understand……We get it. Practice doing this. Try it with small things such as turning left when you know going right is the most direct route. Stopping at a specific place when you don’t think you need to stop there but you feel a call within you. Perhaps you will run into an old friend, but perhaps what happened is that it prevented an accident. You just don’t always know. You must TRUST. Yes, we use that word……..it is hard to trust as so many humans look outside for their trust. Trusting other humans, fallible beings…….no offense to all the humans out there but NO ONE is infallible. Trusting that someone is going to stop at a stoplight, trusting that you won’t be hurt when you marry the love of your life……..To be human, means getting hurt, feeling pain. AND that is perfectly fine, it is part of living the human life.

We want you, if you so desire, to practice trusting YOU and your inner voice. Cultivate this lovely practice. Pause for a moment occasionally and see what pops up. We understand that this can be very confusing because there are so many voices inside the human’s heads…..Do this. Don’t do that. Don’t laugh too loud. Don’t dance in the doctor’s waiting room. Be a good girl. Be a man! Get a hairdo when you turn 40; you can’t have long hair. Diet, don’t eat butter, don’t get fat or you won’t be loved. And on and on and on and on……

So this is why practicing is important. But you needn’t take a long time……Practice for a few seconds several times a day. See what happens. We look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to ask any questions of The Beans. We love to hear from you!

Love, Elizabeth/Sadhu and The Beans