Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


Mae West

Hey there–

YOU may never have heard of me. Or you may only know me from one of my most famous sayings, “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” The funny thing about being known for that is it made me a one-dimensional character. I was thought of in ONE way. As a very sexual being. Now, for the truth, I was a very sexual being, but that is not all I was. I gave women permission, in some sense, to be sexual beings. Not that it was considered okay at the time, or even now for that matter. I was also a very sensual being. AND that is VERY different from being a sexual being. Yes, I loved sex and I loved sex with many different partners. AND that is okay. BUT it was NOT considered okay for a woman. Especially for a woman in my time. I was worshiped by some and vilified by many. And of course, there were plenty of hypocrites in that vilifying mix. Big surprise there.

Let’s talk about sensuality. True sensuality is enjoying your life. Feeling the air on your skin. Tasting your food with great delicious joy. Feeling the grass on your toes. Loving the feel of clean sheets, a hot bath. I was the master of the art of sensuality. BUT I was also quite good at being sexual as well. What most people did not see was my intensely intelligent side. My almost professorial part of me that was well read. I did a lot of reading and thinking. There were not many who could keep up with me either sexually or intellectually. But, for the most part I felt that I had to hide my intelligence. It did not fit with the sex symbol role that I played. It did not work to be intelligent with most of my co-stars. Only a very few knew of my smart self. It was a rare person with who I could truly be myself.

So, now I say to all you women out there. Fuck it! BE YOU. Wallow in your sexual and sensual selves. IT IS YOUR TIME. Feel the patriarchy shifting and toppling. It may not be overt at this point, but TRUST that this is truth.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Don’t dumb down to make others comfortable. Don’t hide your beautiful sexy self under an over-sized t-shirt. Don’t denigrate your size 16 or PLUS X size self to try to please this crazy ass culture. LOVE YOU AS YOU. You are unique and uniquely beautiful JUST AS YOU ARE. Embrace it. Love your curves. Love your fatty-sensual-curvy self. I use the word fatty on purpose. This has been a word that has been used as a slur. Change that word to serve your luscious, bodacious self. Your va va voom YOU. Your rubenesque self. Curvalicious. Bootylicious. Callipygous. Do YOU GET IT?

Let your brilliance, your intelligence shine shine shine. Let it out. There is NO ONE like you. Love yourself like there is no tomorrow. Practice this. Practice this until you mean it with absolute joy and FEEL the thrill of loving yourself COMPLETELY and UNCONDITIONALLY.

THAT leads to your liberation. That leads to world peace. That leads to loving your neighbor. That leads to a sublime life.


Portrait of Mae West by Diane Arbus 1965

Ms. West passed in 1980

Soul Flow: Messages From Beyond the Veil


Eleanor Roosevelt

Dear humans–

I am in a unique position. I had the experience of being in the white house and living in the White House for many years. I was the longest first lady in history. While this was unique, what was also unique was my ability and work assisting the president, my husband. I was more than your average first lady. I was an asset, I was a huge boon to his presidency. I can say this now with no ego, as I look back, and of course, I am in another dimension where I must state the absolute truth.

My husband could not have done that job, carried on that role, without me. I was INTEGRAL to his administration. I was so clearly an equal partner with him, although most would deny this. I felt that ALL humans should have equal rights, equity. THIS was not an idea that the masses understood. Many felt that I was a liberal taking care of the undeserving. NOT true. I was helping them help themselves. Teaching them to fish. And I could have done more. I see that now. I wish that I could have done more.

I am somewhat inspired by many of the women I see now in your world, but I am also appalled at what appears to be so much backward thinking. Women can be strong and act strong. AND they should. Women are as smart as if not smarter than men. Women are NOT overly emotional beings. Women are often more in touch with their humanity and intuition which can and MUST be used for guidance in all areas.

I ENCOURAGE and insist that all women must take care of themselves first. Mothers (and Fathers), teach your children, boys AND girls, to take care of themselves. YES! This means doing their own laundry, cooking and such. Teach them to be independent. Teach them to think for themselves. Teach them to SEE, eyes wide open, all humans…..Teach them to see color but not to oppress. Teach them to use their power and position for the good of humans. ALL HUMANS. At times this may appear to be out of balance as the humans in need must have more to get in balance. To give a fair shot. Teach your children to LOVE themselves so that they will love their neighbors. Use your privilege wisely.

This will not be our only message. Being willing to stand up for what you FEEL is the right thing. LISTEN to your heart, your soul, your deep knowing.

Women, your time is coming. NOW is your time. Don’t let the assholes get you down. Don’t let the assholes take you down. AND STICK together. YES! TOGETHER is important. Don’t tear down your sisters.

YOU have my support through the ages and NOW. Seek me out.

Soul Flow: Message Beyond the Veil

Isadora Duncan


Beloveds—most of you, if you remember me, will remember me as dancing to the French national anthem, Le Marseillaise. I was a bold and brassy women in those days. Not that I would see myself as that. BUT that is what I was called. Bold. Brassy. I did not allow myself to be kept in a box. I lived at a time when women were expected to be demure and quiet. I was NOT. I lived at a time when women did not show their bodies. I lived a “free” existence at great cost to myself. I died alone and with no one to cherish me. I lived outside the box. I lived as I felt called to do and I served as an inspiration for many women. And still not many were able to break free.

Times may have changed some in your current existence but in essence they have not changed that much. Women are still paid less and valued less than men. People of color are still judged (and found guilty on first glance) by their skin color.

Please know that huge changes are afoot. It may appear that NO change has happened in the last 100-300 years. As the years have gone by, so much has been suppressed. With the advent of your current USA president, he has made it okay to be unspeakably horrid towards women. Impossibly unfair to people of color. Vilified by him if you don’t agree with him. He is a perfect example of a narcissist. There are still many who follow him. The reason that many love him is because they, too, have these sad tendencies inside themselves. So, they love him because they do not want to look inside themselves and see the rot, see the despair, see the shame within.

AND from my current existence, the only cure I see (for all) is that of BEING in your joy. That is what I was doing when I danced. I danced with pure joy for many to witness. BUT, not many got the message. They liked to watch this unusual woman, me. They were not quite sure what to do with me as a human. Most were unable to emulate the joy I exuded while dancing. They did not understand that for them, their joy may have come in other ways. AND they may have had push-back to live in their joy. They may have had to break the bonds of society to live their joy. It was HARD.

So, now is the shifting time. Now is the time of great change. Now is the time to let your joy fly free. Where I am now, I can see all. I can see that there are still many many unhappy humans. They try to fit themselves into the box of “happy”. But that box of happy does not work for all. AND so there is a lot of floundering. AND there is a lot of narcissism. The humans don’t understand that the true joy, the real joy, the authentic joy is a selfless joy within them. Humans think that in order to feel the pure joy they must bash or hurt other humans. Not so.

This current time of pandemic is also a beautiful time to go within and FIND that pure joy. In fact it is here NOW at this time for this VERY REASON. What is it that brings you PURE JOY? It will not be found by looking outside yourself. Practice pausing each hour for a few seconds. Place your hand on your heart and listen to what it is telling you. FIND YOUR JOY.

The more you practice living in your joy, the more love you will have, the more you will see the connection between ALL humans. Change is coming.

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil

Soul Flow: Messages From Beyond the Veil

Mark Twain



Your world now is quite different from my world. Technology, medicine, communication, transportation. BUT the thing that remains pretty much the same is the human race. I call it a race because that is still what it is. Humans feel that they are in a race to WIN. Humans back in my day felt that way and humans still feel that way. What they don’t understand is that it is NOT a race. And if they feel that there is a race, it is only because they don’t get that the main point is loving yourselves. Humans are racing to find IT. The one thing that will fill them up.

If humans would love themselves, the race idea would fall behind them, it would be vanquished and there would be a level of satisfaction and happiness in their lives that would be beyond imagining. At least imagining now, as they are now. Some of you may know what this feels like. You have stopped in your quest to BE greater, to BE more, to have more, to buy more. Because you understand what the true and most valuable thing is. LOVE OF SELF.

The Bible said it. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” I am not a religious man, so this may seem weird coming from me. I am of the human religion. Loving myself. Loving others (as myself). Finding joy in small things. Finding joy in human interaction. This premise runs through all religions. It is a human thing. You cannot love anyone if you don’t love yourself.

So, humans of the race, please love yourself. Let there be no race. No one person wins. When you love yourself, it will feel like winning. It will feel like the most advanced technology, the most amazing communication, the most beautiful connection, the best thing in the world. And then as you love yourself, you will do it more and more and you will find yourself in love with all the humans around you. You will wallow in their differences, you will wallow in their beauty, you will feel your heart open wide wide wide. Bringing the humans into your heart. You will start to feel love like you never have for ALL humans. Even the ones you professed to dislike or feel aversion to or even the ones you hate.

I know this to be true. I lived a full life but I was a bit of a loner and observer of humans……I wrote about them. AND as I wrote about them, I came to love them. This was a direct result of finding peace within myself. BUT I didn’t find true peace and love of myself until I moved to this other dimension. My soul chose to stay here for learning and teaching purposes. Nothing is wasted.


Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil


John Lewis

Brothers and Sisters–

Hear me now. So much has changed since I have passed to this other dimension. We don’t use numbers here but suffice it to know that it is VERY different from the third dimension.

Nothing is wasted here. There is much learning and we are all as one in this learning. Some may teach one person and that person may help another person and then yet another serves someone else. NOTHING is wasted.

My time on earth was a difficult and challenging time as a human. But now I see things very differently. There is no color here. There are no bodies as we once knew them. Trying to explain to humans is challenging but let me make the attempt. It is as though there are beings who are as smoke or light, a shimmering light. This is a place of learning. Some are here for many many lifetimes. (as you might call them in human terms but time is NOT the same here.) Some are here temporarily until the soul has decided what is the next best step.

In human terms as a Black man, when someone said to me, I see no color, I knew that was bullshit and Black people and other people of color were offended. BUT here in this place it is sincerely the case. We are all connected. We are all forms of shimmering light. Not angels, but just present enough so that we can “see” each other. And even with this description, I cannot convey the reality. So, I will stop there.

What I want to say at this time, and I may have more to say at a later time, is to FIND YOUR JOY. As I have just come beyond the veil, I see that this is the MOST important thing for each human. It could be declared as a mission from birth. If each human set out to do that and helped their children do that, the world would be infinitely different.

But for now, things are changing and shifting. I would love to see more white people understand humans of color. AND I would love to see people of color try not to take so much offense. Humans are only doing the best they can. At times it appears as nothing, less than nothing. And you must let this be okay.

From my vantage point, I see the rapidly spinning and shifting world. Please HAVE FAITH in the upcoming changes. Find it within yourself to be present in LOVE. Focus on LOVE. It is no lie that the more you love yourself, the more you love your neighbor. If you could only feel what I feel now in this miraculous and stunning place. (although it is not exactly a place.) There is a love present like nothing I have ever experienced. It is indescribably wondrous. Indescribably radiantly beautiful. Indescribably comforting.

Imagine that, as best you can, and LOVE YOURSELF. And as you do that, your world will shift in ways un-imagined to your human self. Open your eyes to the changes within you and all around you. BE IN LOVE WITH YOU. BE IN YOUR JOY. And I leave you for now. Blessings and extreme love and joy to you all.

Soul Flow: Message From Beyond the Veil.


Mother Teresa

Hello beloveds.

You might call me the Patron Saint of Care-Takers. I think that would be safe to say. I became a saint after my death. If you think it is comfortable to be a saint, you are absolutely wrong. It is NOT comfortable, but that was my path. I came into the world at a time in life where being an extreme care-taker was grounds for sainthood. AND most especially for women. ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN. I want to say this loudly and clearly because that is NOT your path any more.

If you feel called to care-take, that must come from a place of extreme joy on YOUR part. NOT because you must SAVE someone. There will be no ribbons or awards given for care-taking. Especially at the expense of your well being. YOU must take care of you. AND if you think about it, it is a kind of extreme egoism to take care of others because they cannot take care of themselves.

Perhaps humans NEED to learn how to take care of themselves. Perhaps humans MUST take care of themselves to LEARN the lessons that are given them. Although I was given awards, and given kudos for helping humans, that was a different time and a different place. AND I was called, with great joy. AND may I admit that this felt like my ONLY path. The only path open to me.

If you care-take others simply because that is what women, (mostly women feel this need) think they need to do, that is infringing on other’s paths. You are delaying them, blocking them from their lessons and also blocking yourself from what you are supposed to do and learn. You may feel as though you are in immense pain and so to circumvent those feelings you volunteer in your child’s classroom, or you serve at a homeless shelter. Etc. BUT you are still there. You may have heard the saying, “wherever you go, there you are”. This is true. NOW, please note that if you feel CALLED with extreme JOY to serve, then do so. If you feel called out of wanting to escape from your pain or problems or because that is what a good girl does, THEN you must stop. YOU are helping no one. The human may be fed for that meal, but perhaps they will go on to want to be fed without effort or change. The human may be fed for that meal, and perhaps your pain will subside for a few minutes, or even a few days or hours, but YOUR PAIN is still there.

The process can be delayed for a short while. BUT it does not go away. AND with these times rapidly accelerating, time must be used in it’s most efficacious for your TIME IS NOW.

Now is the time and the time to be IN JOY.

And as you feel any pain or agitation, please go to your softest place and embrace yourself with extreme kindness. Sit for a second and ponder what would feel the best in that moment. For some, it might be a nap or reading a book. A bubble bath, eating ice cream or broccoli, watching a funny movie, taking a walk among trees. Your SOUL knows. Listen to your soul.

L. Elizabeth Sadhu, is a connector to souls who have passed into other dimensions. Thus, Beyond the Veil.

Of Course!

Of course!

Thanks, Brenda!!!

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s June 19, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at For eons, you entered 3D earth with trepidation – much as you did those challenging academic classes. You’ve completed those classes. You’re in a new trajectory, a new class of joy. A large part of that joy is the exposure and end of earth inequalities of isms. Just as was true for fear in 3D, this new joy is a process you’ll master and continue forevermore while of the earth. 

“Congratulations!” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Mask or no mask. Yes or no. Right or left. Up or down. Such is so for a reason. You are all declaring your right to be in ways that…

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Thank you Brenda, yet again, for your brilliance. This was very comforting and confirming. loving us all.

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s June 12, 2020, channeled “Creation Energies” show at This isn’t a test, as was true in the 1960s. Because of you, the light now dominates. Those who wish to remain fully of 3D are a bit like earthworms. Even though worms are necessary to enhance soil, they are not part of your daily life. You and worms exist on earth but seldom interact. So it is for you and 3D beings now and forevermore.

“Perfect Harmony” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Slowly in your mind and rapidly in ours, your beliefs have transitioned from ego, and society shoulds to heart uniqueness. That which once seemed foreign or difficult is now part of you.

Such is not to say…

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Up Is Down

Confirming and enlightening.
No apologies for my peace filled Bliss. I’ve worked HARD these last 45 years to get here.

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Author’s note:  As I publish this post, things are slowly going back to normal, or the new normal.  Stores are reopening, and the Coronavirus is beginning to level off.  Which is why I wanted to address it one last time.

So, right now the USA is leading the world in the most Coronavirus cases.  (Which may have changed since this writing) “Once again, we come in first!”  Which is what I cynically said to myself.  But then, it hit me.  Why not see it as a win?

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